32 Forms of the Aleph Bet by Lynn Rae Lowe.  "There are many opportunities for preschoolers to learn the alephbet– cuddly animals, fruits and vegetables– but fewer to inspire school-age children. Using Audrey Flack's Photorealism technique, I created the complete aleph-bet with familiar objects to appeal to children of all ages who love color." ~Lynn Rae

Audrey Flack pioneered this art genre, and was one of the first artists to use a projection of a photograph as an aid to painting. Flack’s paintings concentrated on highly emotional social and political themes, and she emphasized symbolism to create “universal” work that all can relate to and understand. She is known for her feminine color schemes.


32 Forms of the Aleph-Bet

    • Vinyl Print with 1/4 Acrylic face
    • 24" x 12"
    • French cleat mounting bar included


    Please allow up to 4 weeks for production and delivery of this peice.

  • This piece can be special ordered in larger and smaller sizes as well as other materials.  Please contact Lynn Rae for information about the options and costs.