The Color of Jewish Penicillin by Lynn Rae Lowe. This piece, featuring Lynn Rae's inspired homage to Andy Warhol, cleverly includes 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  "Sometimes, when you are dedicated to conveying something intensely significant to you, you need to be aware that you don’t get so intent you lose your sense of humor. Although not Jewish himself, Warhol’s signature image of Campbell Soup cans is a perfect parody to include in this exhibit. Each letter of the alephbet is color-coded. The letter in the spoon and background color isrelated; including “sofit” letters (letters ending words) brings this aleph-bet total to 27." ~Lynn Rae


The original artwork is part of Lynn Rae's Illuminations: Aleph to Tav exhibit.

Warhol: The Color of Jewish Penicillin

    • Three 24" x 32" panels
    • High performance vinyl print with 1/4" thick acrylic face
    • Ships flat


    Customized fine art available upon request.

    Please contact Lynn Rae for more information.