July 22, 2018

During this year's Summer Solstice, 16 women came together at the Sun Circle to share in the energy and inspiration that arose as the sun set. Hosted by Lynn Rae Lowe, and featuring Chris Tanz, the evening was a celebration of summer as well as as the inauguration of t...

June 20, 2018

An impromptu perception of me as an animated presenter and teacher.  Kudos to Jill Maidhoff at the Kansas City Jewish Community Center for arranging this opportunity to share my artwork.

July 15, 2017

"Estudio de la Luz translates to Study of Light which reflects the single most commented characteristics of my work: light.  Dancing, reflecting, transparent, luminescent. This series is a study on how I can interpret light on a small picture plane so I can learn befor...

May 28, 2017

"I find working with people to remember and honor their loved ones is one of the most uplifting experiences I am asked to create. This is true for awards, memorial walls or in this case, a head stone for a columbarium located in Roselawn Cemetery, Roseville Minnesota....

May 19, 2017

People the world over have different ways to talk about G‑d. At some point, the Kabbalists began calling G‑d “The Infinite Light.”  Know that before the emanations were emanated and the creations were created, there was a supernal, simple light filling all of existence...

May 15, 2017

Another beautiful Spring in my garden here in Tucson.

May 1, 2017