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Passover Insights

The Passover Seder is intended to give us empathy when, as slaves, we were given the opportunity to transition to a new way of being.

In Hebrew, Egypt is called Mitzrayim. The Zohar is the Jewish book of mysticism. It defines Mitzrayim as “narrow straits”. When God took us out of Mitzrayim, He extricated us from the place of constricted opportunities, tight control, and narrow-mindedness, where movement was severely limited.

Passover gives us the time out of place to evaluate our external or physical narrow straits. Perhaps it is financial or health constraints or, perhaps, personal tragedy. What do we pursue?

Does our stereotyping, prejudice, or exploitation oppress other people? Do we take their dignity or give them hope?

What our social distancing is taking from us allows us the opportunity to give us time for reflection.

May this season of Passovers, tribulations and Jesus Christs trials serve to help us all go through Mitzrayim to a collective future that reflects our status as homo sapiens “the wise humans”