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What Is Ours To Do?

We have all observed a person pondering the best action to take. They often put their second finger to the indentation between their nose and mouth (the philtrum), reflecting a mind in process. There is an explanation for this from the Talmud.

The Soul's Mission Print by Lynn Rae Lowe

Before we are born, safely ensconced in the womb, our soul is assigned a personal angel. Our angel’s sole purpose is sharing with us lessons and wisdom our soul will need in this lifetime. Everything—including why we have incarnated at this time and what is ours to do. Just before we are born, the angel taps between our nose and upper lip and everything is forgotten.

The soul’s sole mission is to remember what we were taught, and to achieve what is ours to do in this life.

Imaginal Cells

Many of us are pondering what is ours to do. Things are changing. How can we maintain balance while the world we know is spinning out of control around us? Emotionally we know we’re on a journey requiring preparation. How do we manifest a meaningful response? Is the answer waiting inside us? Is it time to undergo an emotional metamorphosis?

The journey from egg to butterfly is inspirational. Imaginal cells are essential to that transformation. Once the caterpillar is ensconced in its chrysalis, it dissolves into goopity soup, eliminating existing DNA in exchange for antenna, eyes and wing cells. From the dark interior of the cocoon, the butterfly emerges genetically transformed.

Can we emulate the caterpillar’s potential within its imaginal cells, metamorphosing at just the right moment as a powerful emotional transformation? Can we create a type of Human Imaginal Cells and enter darkness for a renewed existence?

Change is Stability

There is something much larger than ourselves. Mother Earth is telling us our behavior is not sustainable for either her, or our, well-being. Our cultural underpinnings are revealing a shaky foundation. We can’t look to leadership to direct us. We need to focus on personal transformation and embrace the reality we are in a liminal space. The past is gone, future unknown and we’re in the middle of an unprecedented transition. It is in this space we need to imagine where we want to be when the time is right to move forward. We need to go within, harness our emotions and apply them to problem solving, and seek out what is ours to do.

Being turned upside down or inside out causes our emotional energy to go into distress. It is understandable. Our best tool to nurture our well-being is the gift of imagination, which no one can take from us.

Utilizing the concept of imaginal cells, we can create a radical transformation. Perhaps that is exactly what the coronavirus is demanding from us. Our transformation is not the physical form of caterpillar to butterfly—rather, the emotional, from someone crawling on the ground to someone who has found their wings to soar. To find our answers about our future, it is up to each of us to determine how we can creatively prepare ourselves for an unknown journey. We will need knowledge, fortitude and imagination.


We may not have imaginal cells; however, we do have imagination. The greatest minds of humankind, of all disciplines, believed the answers were found in our imaginations.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” He added, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

“Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination,” theorized Immanuel Kant.

Each of us has a mission. We have capacity to know when change is needed, although most of us aren’t good at accepting change. A prolonged exposure to uncertainty and chaos creates more confusion than willingness to go through a transition of this intensity. We need to activate imagination so we can prepare for this journey with a vision. If blocked, we can re-imagine and intercede with hope in our heart and a plan in our head.

We cannot know what lies ahead, which can lead to fear and uncertainty, which only feeds itself. Imagination is creativity’s progenitor. We do not need to be an artist with a studio filled with tools to gain inspiration. All we need is to sit, reflect and set an intention to work toward. In that sacred space, we will remember what is ours to do and to re-imagine how, together, we can re-create a better world.

Gandhi said our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as it is in being able to remake ourselves.

There is no time like the present.

I am very pleased to announce that beginning October 10th I will be offering a new series of workshops, online-celebrations and classes. Contact me at bookings.

If you would like to visit my gallery, please send me a message from my Facebook page Artist and Celebrant Lynn Rae Lowe. I can also be reached at (520) 299-7900.


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