Lynn Rae has lived her life somewhere between the right and left brain with zeal and achievements across many creative disciplines.

Beginning at 5 as a dancer, by nine she was an acclaimed actress playing opposite George C. Scott.  She has continued as a stage actress as a performer and writer. She also self published a book ”Call Someplace Paradise” and wrote newspaper articles as the “The Gardening Guru”.  Her first one woman art exhibit was as college sophomore, Since then she has received two Niche Awards for creative design, garnered prestigious museum exhibits, as well as having international gallery representation.  Starting as the Caterer for the Telluride Film Festival she eventually became Projects and Art Director with a staff of 250 people.  To her musical credit, she has sung in Carnegie Hall as well as being producer of the Telluride Jazz Festival and Station Manager of a NPR radio station.  A teacher, she originated the Colorado Artist in the school program and was a consultant for the Colorado Council for the Arts and Humanities.   She co-founded Tucson’s Metal Arts Village.  She created an unique method of transparent color patinas on aluminum, ”Aluminations”.

Lynn Rae enjoys working with patrons to create inspirational, uplifting art recognizing others contributions through public and private commissions, awards programs and donor walls.

The Tucson-based artist and educator looks forward to traveling with her exhibit and delights in exploring symbolism in group talks, when she’s not working on commissioned art projects. She also leads “Drawing It Out” a Kabbalistic inspired workshop to help groups discover easy ways to nurture creative thinking and expand intuition.


Compassionate, funny and above all, deeply spiritual– Lynn Rae is also proud to be a non-denominational ceremonialist performing life-cycle passages for couples, individuals, families and organizations.

Red Rocks Gathering - Aluminations® Series
Canyon's Edge - Aluminations® Series

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