Shine Light On Your Own Creative Journey

The aim of "Drawing It Out” is to discover new ways to access and nurture creative thinking as you experience simple art-making.  Beginning with guided imagery, music and your choice of 18 of Lynn Rae’s iconoglyphic symbols, you’ll expand your intuition– while drawing with white pencils on black paper to create a mandala. This is an enjoyable tool to explore how artistic metaphors can be applied to life transitions and empower one’s personal journey.

Have you ever thought…?

  • I’m not an artist! I can’t draw a straight line!

  • I am an artist! But I can use a new method of seeing things.

  • I am in need of healing.

  • I need a spiritual practice that  will connect me with my soul.


Address all these questions and more through the easy and enjoyable process of creating a mandala, which you could hang as art or use as the first entry in an ongoing journal. Either way, you will leave the session with a renewed sense of self in terms of creativity and intention.


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