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“At this point in our society's evolution I feel we are searching for a sense of oneness that is greater than the individual. As the world becomes ever complex under the expanding, powerful eye of the electronic media, we need to hold images that remind us of our own truth, our own power and our own creativity. Can we arrive at an ecumenical destination where soul sense and common sense come together?


The spiritual realm is larger than any single religion. Art created to reflect this universal consciousness can be a living message in a troubled time. It can reveal an invisible, irrefutable source of inspiration, separate from the logic of this society's commodity-driven bottom line.


My art reflects the myths, which speak to mankind's spiritual potential. Wassily Kandinsky refers to it as the prophetic force radiating from faraway and deep down; mythologist Joseph Campbell, as the inexhaustable energies of the cosmos; Carl Jung, as archetypes - the primordial energies, which underlie human consciousness. It is my intent to imbue my art with the inner life that can be felt as a sense of soul, forever going forward and upward.”              

                                                                                                                                               -  Lynn Rae Lowe



Lynn Rae has lived her life somewhere between the right and left brain with zeal and achievements across many creative disciplines. 

Beginning at 5 as a dancer, by nine she was acclaimed actress playing on opposite George C. Scott.  She has continued as a stage  actress as a performer and writer. She also self published a book and wrote newspaper articles as the “The Gardening Guru”.

Starting as the Caterer for the Telluride Film Festival she eventually became Projects and Art Director with a staff of 250 people.

To her musical credit, she has sung in Carnegie Hall as well as being producer of the Telluride Jazz Festival and Station Manager of an NPR radio station.

As a teacher, she was an originator of Colorado Artist in the school program. Her adult program "Drawing It Out” is based on her core belief that it’s not that artists are special kinds of people, but rather each person is a special kind of artist.

Her artistic development, since returning to college to finish her degree with her children in the 90’s, has been internationally recognized through her award winning metal artwork. This has included prestigious museum exhibits, as well as having international gallery representation.

Her next phase of soul fulfillment is to share how you can tap into and use your creativity to live a more joyful existence.

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