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Compassionate, funny and above all, deeply spiritual Lynn Rae is looking forward to traveling with “ILLUMINATIONS: Aleph to Tav,” her mixed media exhibit exploring the Aleph-Bet’s symbolism. 


Experiencing the Mystical Aleph-Bet Through Art 

Perfect for Teens and Adult Groups 


How Lynn Rae chose 11 iconic artists of the 20th Century to express meanings of The Hebrew letters – including abstract expressionists, pop artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein, and trailblazing women artists like Nevelson, Kohlmeyer and Flack. 

Aleph-Bet Art Education

Ages 3 through Adults 

Lynn Rae will customize single classes or multi-station activities to learn Hebrew letters through movement and age appropriate art activities. 

Illuminations Manuscript

Middle School and Adults

After teaching the kids a bit about the history of manuscript Illuminations, participants will have an opportunity to draw their own initials in that style. 

The Kabbalistic Gates of Wisdom

High School and Up

An exploration of the Kabbalistic symbolism of the Hebrew aleph bet. I created something that people can access, a visual key to let you open a door or go through a gate so that you can take a personal journey – not of dogma, but as a way of seeing the richness of the Jewish aleph bet. 

A Conversation:  Abrahamic Connections 

High School and Up

This presentation is intended to facilitate a conversation about what we share, how we are alike. These common denominators are the beginning of listening and learning about one another. 

The Important Influence of Jewish Artists on U.S. Art History 

High School and Up

The center of the art world shifted after WWI from Paris to New York City. Surrealism gave way to Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art and Color-field painting through the influence of Jewish artists. 

Feminism and Jewish Artists: Trailblazers in the 20th Century 

High School and Up 

Louise Nevelson, Ida Kohlmeyer and Audrey Flack came of age in the early to mid 20th century in America. How did that affect their artistic access to a predominantly male world? 


Drawing It Out Workshops 

Middle School to Adults


Drawing It Out helps groups discover easy ways to nurture creative thinking and expand intuition. 

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