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Product Quality & Care

Statement of Quality

Because each piece of artwork is hand made and individually hand painted, you many notice a subtle variation in the artwork’s colors and finishes.  Color and finish variations are inherent in the handcrafting process and complement the artwork’s unique look.

"I have had the opportunity to work in a vast array of materials, but I have chosen to focus on bronze and steel.  I believe the timeless message of the work is enhanced by the permanence of these materials.  Their finishes should sustain the energy that emanates from the sculpture.  The selection of patinas responds to my desire for the outer expression to compliment the inner content."  Lynn Rae

Care of Steel Candle Holders & Sculptures

Each piece of my functional art was created with easy maintenance in mind.  It's finish is water-repellent.  However, cleaners, especially those that are ammonia based, can react to the finish.   To remove dust, simply use a clean feather duster or a micro fiber towel.  Don't use a sharp object to remove wax build up. To remove wax, heat the surface with a hair dryer and wipe with a soft cloth.  Please use care after heating with the hairdryer, due to the nature of the metal, the surface can become hot.  Copper candle cups can be cleaned with a copper cleaner.

Tip: To help reduce candles from dripping, try freezing your candles before lighting them.

Care of Bronze Sculpture & Menorahs

Bronze is synonymous with durability and requires minimal upkeep.  Wash sculpture with a non-ionic soap such as Simple Green. With a pure boar bristle brush, apply a Carnauba wax (all available at any hardware store.)  Be careful the wax doesn’t collect in the recesses.  Let dry for 5 minutes. Buff with a soft cloth to desired shine, indoors once a year, outdoors two times a year.  The patinas on bronze are sensitive to, and can react with the environment.  Moisture can cause oxidation, ultraviolet rays of direct sun can dull the patination, and heat can melt protective wax coatings.

Need a repair or have additional questions about caring for your piece of art? 

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Care of Alumination Paintings

Throughout the year dusting is recommended to keep the surface clean. If for any reason the surface comes in contact with oils, sticky surfaces or is dulled by smoke, a light application of Goo Gone will cut through the problem without harming the surface. A yearly application of a clear wax such as carnauba, Tre wax, etc. will act as a protective surface as well as add sheen. 

Do not use alcohol-based cleaners or steel wool, colored wax or wax with cleaning agents. 

Do not expose artwork to direct outside Southern or Western light.

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