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Sisterhood Shop

A special collection of art by Lynn Rae Lowe

At a very young age (8) I learned the catechisms next to the Torah and as I became a teenager joined the Self-Realization Fellowship and began a long journey into Eastern religions including having yoga night at our home with my parents, grandfather and 4 siblings. When I got married, my home became an ashram for two different Gurus. I also studied the mystical schools of the Rosicrucian's and Kabbalists, as well as the Sufis and Essenes. I was proclaimed the artist in my family and throughout my history as a Creative Being I have always been attracted to the philosophies and rituals of every religion.


When I reached a degree of fame it was for the symbolic and ritual quality of my art. I have always wanted to imbue my art with light and Inspiration. Long before I knew of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, I was creating art that brought awareness to Jews and Muslims that we truly are brothers and sisters.

It's time to give women the opportunity to take leadership roles and with a nod to John and Yoko, imagine how to give peace a chance.

Please know you are welcome to contact me, make an appointment and walk through my site with me.

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