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Sta"m Calligraphy by Lynn Rae Lowe.  "This is Bet Ari script.  It is the traditional script of Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Arizal and is used by Eron the soferim (scribe) I studied with in Ashkelon, Israel.  I divided rice paper patterns into 4 sections to represent fire, earth, air and water.  I labeled each so he could write the appropriate letter on the correct element. The final endeavor creates an easy way to see which letter is associated with what element.  The prayer at the bottom is from Psalm 51 and is the prayer recited before the Amida, the morning prayer."`~Lynn Rae

Adonai s'fatai tiftach     Ufee yagid t'hilatecha

(My Lord, Open my lips, that my youth may declare your glory.)


The orginal artwork is part of Lynn Rae Lowe's Illuminations: Aleph to Tav exhibit. 

Sta"m Calligraphy Print

    • 18" x 24"
    • Satin paper
    • Ships rolled up


    Customized fine art available upon request.

    Please contact Lynn Rae for more information.

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