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This 5-week experiential experience contains curated collections of Lynn Rae Lowe’s spiritual philosophies (teachings) conveyed through original verse, prose, and illustrations.

BONUS: Many pages can be hand colored. 


This workbook is non-denominational.  It is based on opportunities expressed in the power of the Hebrew month of Elul, which translates to “searching”.


Cultivation of Lynn Rae’s philosophies presented through original illustrations and art pieces, Searching For Your Soul’s Hearts Desire is a 5 Week journaling experience taught by Lynn Rae each week via Zoom. This class is non-denominational but is based upon soul preparation to maximize the opportunity and wisdom of the Jewish High Holy Days. These Zoom dates, events, and online/printable pdfs were written and illustrated by Lynn Rae. 


Elul is the month of preparation for a union between you and your soul, a sense of forgiveness where you can find yourself in other people, and utilize what you know to grow.


Teaching through allegory, and creating an “aha” moment . Searching for your soul’s journey is truly the work vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Searching for Soul's Heart's Desire Workshop

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