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A steel sculpture of three figures holding a star with the word "chai" aloft. 


The Hebrew word "chai" (חי) means "life". It is one of the most recognizable symbols of Judaism and holds deep significance within the faith.


Here's a deeper look into the meaning and significance of "chai":

  • Symbol of Life: "Chai" is frequently displayed on jewelry, artwork, and other objects as a symbol of the importance of life in Judaism.
  • Pronunciation: Unlike the English word "chai" for spiced tea, the Hebrew "chai" is pronounced with a voiceless velar fricative like the "ch" in "loch." It rhymes with "high."
  • Numerical Connection: Interestingly, the two Hebrew letters that form "chai" also hold numerical values. The first letter, chet (ח), is worth 8, and the second letter, yud (י), is worth 10. Adding these values together yields 18.
  • Number 18: Due to its connection to "chai," the number 18 holds special significance in Jewish tradition. It's common to see gifts or donations made in multiples of 18, symbolically offering the recipient the gift of life or good luck.
  • L'chaim!: The popular Jewish toast "l'chaim" (לחיים) translates to "to life!" and is often said during celebrations to express joy and well wishes.


Overall, "chai" is a powerful symbol that embodies the core Jewish value of cherishing and celebrating life.

Flying Chai Sculpture

$150.00 Regular Price
$112.50Sale Price
    • 6" x 2" x 8"h
    • Steel
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