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Aleph-Bet Educational print by Lynn Rae Lowe.  This print features her homage to Flack: 32 Forms of the and her homage to Louis: Aleph-Bet and Nikudot, the Vowels, from her Illuminations: Aleph to Tav, a mixed-media exploration of the Aleph Bet exhibit. 


"Using Audrey Flack's Photorealism technique, I created the complete aleph-bet with familiar objects to appeal to children of all ages who love color.  When I created Flack’s vibrantly colored aleph-bet of pencils, I realized I had to do the nikudot– the vowels– as educational tools, companion pieces. I found Morris Louis, who held his large paintings learning to control the flow and stain of rivulets of color.  This created an image of a funnellike vessel holding the vowels that complemented Flack while both held their own styles." ~Lynn Rae

Aleph-Bet Educational Fine Art Print

    • 28" x 22"
    • Archival matte paper with archival pigmented inks.
    • Ships rolled up


    Customized fine art prints available upon request.

    Please contact Lynn Rae for more information.

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