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A limited edition of Lynn Rae's iconic 7 Dancing Sylphs® steel menorah in shades of blue.  This exquisite award-winning design captures the essence of the holiday season with its translucent blues and purple and joyful figures proudly holding the lights aloft.


"Menorahs always held a fascination for me. As I light the candles I realize my ancestors did the exact same thing. And now millions of people all over the world were staring at the candles just as I was doing. But I certainly never dreamed that thousands of families would be lighting a menorah I created. They continue to light my way as the Dancing Sylphs continue to bring creativity to my journey." ~Lynn Rae

8" Blue Festival of Lights Menorah

    • 12" x 2.5" x 8"h
    • Steel & Copper
    • Nine 3/8" candle cups


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