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In Judaism, the anniversary of the death of a parent or close relative is most commonly observed by burning a yarhzeit candle for an entire day.  A burning flame is connected to the concept of immortality: stopping to remember is a way to be sure we will not forget.  This memorial candle holder creates a circle of light.  In the center the flame of human spirit is honored and celebrated by the gathered family and friends.


A 24 hour candle with a glass cup, available at most grocery stores, is used inside this holder. Light the candle at sunset before the day of the death. Replace the candle and reuse this holder to memorialize your loved ones.


This memorial candle holder is one of the designs from Lynn Rae's award-winning Dancing Sylphs® series of Judaic art. 

Generation to Generation Candle Holder

    • Steel 
    • 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"
    • A Yahrzeit memorial candle fits inside.
    • Candle not included.
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