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This Seder Plate, designed with symbols, patterns and colors intended to capture the younger generation's imagination and sense of wonder, has been created to stimulate religious feelings that strengthen and preserve the Passover legacy. Great care was employed to present the meaning behind the symbols, hence it can be appreciated and interpreted beyond surface beauty. 

The plate honors The Tabernacle, represented by Beth, the house-shaped center stone. The twelve sides reflect the Tribes of Israel who camped around The Tabernacle. As the sanctified dwelling place of God among men, The Tabernacle was enclosed. Similarly, the five seder symbols, in Hebrew, surroundBeth. They are a design focus, as children today need more opportunity to experience the beauty of Hebraic calligraphy. Moses is seen in the water as an infant, parting the sea and receiving the Ten Commandments. The hand of God (yod) is seen cradling the earth, representing His power to deliver us with a mighty hand. At the zenith, iridescent ether supports two luminous hands reminding us of the Limitless Light, Ain Soph Aur. Between them is the cup of Elijah, filled with unbounded wisdom and pure worship to God. The top stone refers to the Tethgrammaton. Six slaves hold the plate aloft, symbolizing the bondage in Egypt from which we were freed.

This plate, created from bronze which will last for generations, allowed me to respond to the Exodus XII:  24 imperative:  "You shall observe this as an institution for all time, for you and your descendants."

Exodus 12:24 Seder Plate

    • 20" x 22" x 4"
    • Bronze

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  • If this item is out of stock and you are interested in purchasing one please send us a message.  We'll be sure to get in touch and let you know when we will have the piece available.  Contact Us

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