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Genesis Day 7 Study C - The Sabbath

Sometimes after you do the studies and create the "final" original for installation, you have a flash of insight which is 180 degrees apart from what was installed. This is what keeps artists going.  You think you’re done and the experience has opened your eyes island mind enabling you to imagine something new. In this Shabbat image gone is the saturated intense color. It is reinterpreted with a light,airy sensitivity.  The colors are cool and soothing and the setting sun is vibrantly alive with luminescent beamsIf you look carefully you can see dor v’dor: your ancestors bathed in the light. The composition is grounded in the green earth and the ritual symbols of challah and wine. Different, yet divine! ~Lynn Rae


Genesis Day 7 Study C

    • 15" x 20" x 1/2" deep
    • Aluminum
    • Ready to hang
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