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“When I saw Gottlieb’s pictographs, I felt I had discovered a kindred soul. His imagery, philosophy and style made him the perfect artist for my astrological representation of letters using Celestial script.” Lynn Rae


PICTOGRAPHS. Gottlieb radically changed his approach to painting while living in Tucson’s desert in 1937-38. He used universal symbols that transcended time, place, and language to appeal to the level of the unconscious mind and to offer a pathway of release from a trouble-ridden period in history.


“He wanted his art to have the same impact on all his viewers, striking a chord not because they had seen it before, but because it was so basic and elemental that it resounded within them.”  Julio Gonzalez

Planetary Glyphics Celestial Otiyot

    • 20" x 20" x 1.5"
    • Canvas wrapped giclee
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