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This piece was a true revelation. I have always been interested in seeing similarities between people and objects. When I first started creating Judaic-related art, I looked for opportunities to show how Jews and Muslims are connected, where they share similarities rather than focusing on differences. My award-winning Mizrach is an example of that.


For this exhibit I wanted to creative a visual connection between the Hebrew word Shalom and the Arabic word Salaam. They are both mean PEACE and are derivations of the Proto-Semitic root Š-L-M. In Hebrew it is also hello and goodbye, while in Muslim countries, it is a way of greeting people.


As I approached the layout of these words in their language I was stunned how similar they are. Then I found by placing them on their side facing each other an image of two people having a conversation reiterated my philosophy.

I hope you are sharing conversations with “others” in the hope we’ll all learn more about ourselves and the world we co -inhabit over a lovely beverage.

Shalom/Salaam: A Conversation (Wall)

    • 10" x 21"
    • Steel & Copper
    • Silver with blue panel
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