Soaring, a bronze sculpture by Lynn Rae Lowe.  


"This sculpture is a tribute to the moments in life when we aspire to rise in thought, imagination or ability.  It is intended to be a reminder to always challenge yourself to realize your highest potential." ~Lynn Rae


  • Bronze on marble base
  • 19" x 12" x 6"
  • Includes bronze travel menorah (removable)

Soaring with Menorah

  • Bronze is synonymous with durability and requires minimal upkeep.  Wash sculpture with a non-ionic soap such as Simple Green. With a pure boar bristle brush, apply a Carnauba wax (all available at any hardware store.)  Be careful the wax doesn't collect in the recesses.  Let dry for 5 minutes. Buff with a soft cloth to desired shine, indoors once a year, outdoors two times a year.
    The patinas on bronze are sensitive to, and can react with the environment.  Moisture can cause oxidation, ultraviolet rays of direct sun can dull the patination, and heat can melt protective wax coatings.