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This is an 8" x 10" reproduction of Lynn Rae's original Sonoran Desert Alumination painting.  This metal print has a true metallic look that provides rich color and minimal glare.  It is best displayed in brightly lit spaces.


Watch a quick video about metal prints by Lynn Rae: New Metal Prints of Alumination Paintings


"My Alumination landscape paintings aspire to capture the presence of the Absolute: At this point in society’s evolution, I feel we are searching for a sense of oneness that is greater than the individual. With the world becoming ever smaller under the expanding, powerful eye of the electronic media, we need to have images that remind us of the awesome beauty of the natural world and our place in it.” ~Lynn Rae Lowe

Sonoran Desert 8 x 10 Metal Print

    • Metal Print with matt finish.
    • 8" x 10" x 1/2" including metal float bracket.


    The metal float bracket extends your metal print from the wall approximately ½” giving it a modern shadow float affect. The metal bracket has a hole to easily hang on a hanging hook, screw or nail.

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