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There are many times in our lives we want to apologize or forgive someone when we simply can't find the words. The intent of these coloring book pages is to provide you with usable quotes when addressing forgiveness or apologizing to someone through your heart.


These pages were created in preparation for a book that has been longtime in the making. I am so grateful for the enthusiastic response from my students I wanted to share them with you.  If you choose to get this PDF, won't you please share with me how you experienced the series. It is my sincere hope it will bring much needed light into the world in the challenging days we find ourselves in. ~Lynn Rae


There are five ways of forgiveness included in this 8 page pdf.  Forgiveness Is, Forgiveness Is Not, Cheeky Forgiveness, Forgiving Yourself, The Gift Within Forgiveness


Quotes are attributed wherever possible.

The Art of Forgiveness PDF

  • 8 page PDF file.

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