WHAT ARE SYLPHS? In mythology, all of the elements have spirits. Some of them are quite common in the arts: the gnomes and elves of the earth element and the mermaids of the water. Less known is that salamanders rule fire and sylphs rule the air.


Each element is given responsibilities. Sylphs direct the modeling of snowflakes and gathering the clouds. The Greeks believed it was the sylphs that spoke through the Oracles. Some believe them to be The Muses.


Sylphs were given the eastern corner of creation from whence new ideas dawn. They reign over souls with mirthful, changeable, and eccentric temperaments and are the patrons of inspirations, creativity and genius.


Sylphs are the elemental nomads, invisible but ever-present powers in the creative activity of the universe. It is said wherever one finds sylphs creativity will also be present.

The Wall Sylphs

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    • 62" x 35"
    • Aluminum
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