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Splash of Color

Seven Sylph Sculpture by Lynn Rae Lowe

Hello Lynn Rae,

I just wanted to share a story with you.

I work for the school district here in Las Vegas. A few years ago I began working at an elementary school under a woman who was much older than me and who, if I’m speaking honestly, scared me to death! Being of small frame this would surprise many, but she could be very strong willed and particular, as her assistant it became my job to figure out these traits in her. Throughout the time that we worked together, although she was very private, we became friends. She had been battling cancer well before we met but this wasn’t something she complained about or shared unless you were able to get past the wall she built. She never complained, all of 90 lbs, on chemo, working with special education students, she never complained. Always teaching me, showing me the ropes, ensuring that I knew how to run the program. She retired in 2013 and with another mutual friend, we would get together for wine and cheese or dinner when she was well enough. The first time I entered her home, which was unheard of if she didn’t really like you, she was quick to point out your work, the Seven Sylphs, on a high shelf in the living room.

To paint the image for you, she was very tidy. Her walls were white, white carpets, silver vases, silver candles, glass tables with silver legs. Everything you looked at was perfect, you needed to take off your shoes and scrub your feet before you entered! Your piece, was the rooms splash of color. She shared with me how she purchased it and was so excited about it, knowing my love for art and creativity. We were very much opposites but even with the 30 year age difference, I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and friend. She became the mother I didn’t have.

She passed away just before Christmas. Her body too fragile to fight anymore. Weeks later her brother asked that a mutual friend and I help him with her belongings, sorting and donating items.

The Seven Sylphs, now sits on a shelf in my living room where the sunlight casts a lovely shadow of dancing figures onto the wall beside it. Her brother stated, “She knew you loved it. She wanted you to have it.” I smile every time I see it, her little splash of color.

I just wanted to share with you how much your work has impacted me.


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