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How to Find Your Light During the Solar Eclipse

Every eclipse is a forerunner of change; they carry a great emotional punch and tremendous physical weight. Changes, whether individual or collective, caused by sudden shifts and external circumstances can result in political upheaval, universal challenges, and major surprises. If we are able to see through the darkness of an eclipse, then we can reveal the eclipse's potential for uplifting, positive, and creative change.

Today we find ourselves between a pair of solar eclipses - the full moon lunar eclipse of March 24th and the new moon solar eclipse of April 8th. The eclipse of March 24th was less than 24 hours before the Baltimore Bridge collapsed. For those who lost their lives, it is a very personal tragedy. For all, the impacts to commerce are affecting not only Baltimore and the USA, but the entire world's commodity chain. On April 8th there will be a supercharged new moon solar eclipse. The new moon brings new beginnings if you imagine positive personal opportunities. For so many though, the focus is once again on impacts to commerce.

Earlier this week I was listening to NPR's A1 podcast. The first hour started with information about the economic benefits of the upcoming solar eclipse. As Americans are headed in massive numbers to stand in the path of the new moon eclipse on April 8th, the entire program centered around how to make money from the eclipse. Airlines, hotels, car rental companies, local businesses in the path of totality, all stand to gain from the pending hordes of tourists.

The next show was focused on happiness. The speaker said the two happiest countries in the world are Bhutan and Iceland. The reason for those countries’ levels of happiness is that they are not focused on what they have as far as “things,” or how to assuage bad feelings by buying “things” and having it arrive at your door the next day; rather they are focused on the relationships they have with one another. Their happiness is a result of giving, of being one with the community - whether community is defined as the entire country or your local neighborhood.

The juxtaposition of these two excellent podcasts back to back led me to write this note to you all. It may not be known that I have been a professional astrologer, tarot reader, and basically a Mystic my entire life. My artwork is that of a light-bearer, not only because a great majority of it’s associated with candles. My sculptures’ figures’ hands to the heavens is an expression of the spiritually uplifting energy and light I strive to maintain and share in all aspects of my life. 

When I hear of the media's uniformed approach to the solar eclipses or how popular the Mercury retrograde concept is online, I see it from a studied (learned, knowledge based) perspective and recognize how the meaning of these things has been misconstrued. My intention in this note is to let you understand how I personally feel one could approach phenomena that doesn't involve going anywhere or spending any money or doing nothing outside of yourself. The new moon brings new beginnings if you imagine positive personal opportunities. That is what I am focused on for April 8th.

Why do I say this?

In my opinion, the way we are moving toward observing this powerful astronomical phenomena passively from the outside in doesn't allow for the energy to empower us to actively process it from the inside out.

What do I mean by this? 

Not everything is or should be commodity driven. There are spiritual seeds and aspects to the new moon solar eclipse that deserve your attention.   

What is the growth opportunity of this?

This potentially once in a lifetime experience will throw a large swath of the United States into darkness in the middle of the day. The moon will move in front of the sun, almost totally blocking the sun for 4 minutes. What you can see (if you have protective glasses on) is a pearly white halo around the sun called the corona. 

(As an aside, I see the word “corona” is what that sent the world into a frenzy beginning in 2020. Although it is a scientific word, I welcome anyone who can connect these two definitions with the solar eclipse.)

I see these 4 minutes as a call to go inside your body and mind, to activate the light we all hold as long as we are alive. There is no travel necessary. We carry our light within us.

Now what will you do now that you are armed with this knowledge?

The atmosphere around an eclipse is supercharged. Omens of change based on eclipses are dramatic, unexpected wild cards. They can shake you up and bring some news of big life events. You cannot go backward and you are propelled forward. Eclipses compress time and speed things up.

I am TRYING to keep my schedule light and flexible. No matter what is on my agenda something will demand my immediate attention. I will avoid making any ultimatums and I will save any grievances for a more beneficial time. I will wait a few weeks when negotiations are possible. An eclipse is to remind us that we need to realize we can not control everything, but we can instead change our perspective of various situations.


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