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Wonder what the gift wrap will look like?

When people ask if I'll gift wrap, I go to the moment when I am opening a gift. I appreciate it when the outside reflects the care that was given to the actual contents selection.

It harkens me back to my care when I am hosting an event in my home. Long before the food is eaten, our taste buds can be teased with a beautiful presentation. It prolongs the enjoyment and heightens the anticipation.

In a previous life, I was a calligraphy instructor, I also enjoy the opportunity to write a beautiful note using my own cards. I can send your words or create a special message relating to the reason the gift is being sent.

So, please know from the time you make your selection to send one of my pieces of art as a gift, customer satisfaction is a high priority in everything that comes out of my studio.

When you order from my online art shop, you'll see where you can request gift wrapping and a card with a personalized note. Why not treat yourself and order a piece of art gift wrapped for yourself? I will include a personal note just for you.

Peace & Joy,

Lynn Rae


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