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A Yo Semite Bear

Sometimes I find it more exhilarating to create a new design and then other times.

I can tell you that this was really a fun design project. It all started when my brother John Called me at 7 a.m. as I was making my coffee last week. He inquired “Can you draw a picture of a bear with a yarmulke and a tallit and send it to me?” to which I replied “I can do it right now while my coffee is brewing”

And I did.

Upon seeing it he asked “now can you put the words Yo Semite National Park on it and send that to me?”

And I did

Next he requested ” Can you place it all in the woods as a complete design?”

By now I had my coffee working its magic and I was wide awake so I inquired “ John, what’s this all about?”

He told me about Trump's comment mispronouncing the name of the park. As Jews with a sense of humor, we laughed about the image. I even changed the bear to look more semetic. Decided against that later.

Then I saw the National Museum of Jewish American Histories T-shirt with two pines and the words Yo Semite and in one breathe we said ” Our design is better.”

And it is.

John and I agreed the concept of creating a mask design would be a fun collaboration (we have enough T-shirts) and as it is oft times said… ”we were off to the races.”


offer valid through 9/20/20

or while supplies last.

It is our hope you’ll be smiling behind the mask and others will see joy in your eyes

That makes me and my family very happy.

We wish the same for you and yours.


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