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Kohlmeyer: Traditional Symbols/Cursive Aleph-Bet

“I’ve experienced an elevation of spirit, almost a mystical happening, where I am not doing the painting. It evolves under its own mysterious power. This exquisite state of being simulates a religious experience.”

Ida Kohlmeyer (1912-1997)

ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST/GRIDS said to awaken ancient memories. Ida’s enduring interest in the native arts began on her honeymoon although as a traditional midcentury housewife in NYC, she didn’t take a class until after her second child was born. She found herself astonished and moved by the spiritual aspect of painting. She was influenced by Miro and his informal grid-like style.

I selected a feminine and soft cursive font for Ida. Since she used the title “Symbols” for many of her paintings, it seemed fitting she would represent traditional glyphs associated with the aleph-bet.

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