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Aleph Bet Menorah

It was always my intention this menorah would be for children.

Many families have a tradition of sitting with the flames of the chanukah candles until they burn out. I felt if the menorah had the whole aleph-bet.. aleph to would be as you were staring into an all inclusive world, beginning to end. Just think where that thought could take a naturally inquisitive, creative

child. But it’s not only the children who can benefit from the light of the menorah. Everyone sitting together and thinking of the significance this joyous holiday holds, brings us closer to the light.

One of the first Jewish rituals I can remember as a child was lighting the menorah. Perhaps it was a symbol of the connection with my ancestors, knowing this tradition is thousands of years old. One of my greatest blessings is knowing there are thousands of my menorahs around the world being lit on this joyous season of the miracle of Chanukah. Steel - 18" x 4" x 11"

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