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United by Art

The Consulate of Mexico is the host of an art exhibition "United by Art". The art represents interaction of our environment with cultural expressions in 3 scales: Human perspective, celebration of the landscape, Multi-cultural-ism (human+place+cultures in Tucson). This exhibition honors Jewish art and is also including Asian America art, African American, Mormon and Mexican pieces. April 14 - June 7, 2017

"In the world in which we now live I appreciate, more than ever, the opportunity to interact with other cultures to lend a hand, learn, or share. I am so proud to be chosen by the Mexican Consulate to have these two large ( 34" x 44") Aluminations hanging in the Tucson offices. I am honored the people who have visa or immigration business at the consulate can be surrounded by my art. I hope they are uplifted by seeing the art as I have been uplifted by creating it." ~Lynn Rae

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