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Flowers Bloom & Hope Grows

This post is my opportunity to do three things that I am passionate about; tend my garden, do my art and inspire others to do the same.

The Pomelo is the subject of my first effort to share my Tucson, Arizona garden with you. Many people think our vegetation is sagebrush and desert cacti. But we really have a wonderful climate for growing flowers vegetable and fruit.

Pomelo fruit, buds and blossoms compared to an orange fruit, bud and blossom.

What is a pomelo?

A large, non-hybrid, citrus fruit with a taste similar to a large grapefruit. Learn more about pomelos here. Thank you Wikipedia. Have you donated to keep this free encyclopedia online?

Pomelo Blossoms

Large Blossoms

These pomelo blooms are so large they magnify the fragrance in relation to their size. It is TRUE citrus heaven for me and our other friends.

Large Fruit

Here is a ½ gallon of almond milk next to a pomelo fruit to give you an indication of how large it is.

Sweet Nectar

These are the other friends that benefit from the sweetness of the pomelo nectar.

I sat directly under the pomelo tree canopy and the worker bees were so busy at work they buzzed all around and didn’t even seem to notice me.


The most important thing bees do is pollinate. Want to learn about pollination? Here’s a lesson plan for the kids: Pollination Lesson


This pomelo in the tree inspired me to draw. I used materials I think everyone has at home: paper and crayons.

My Crayon Drawing

My hope is that you have been inspired to color so I created two black and white images that are perfect to print and color yourself. Just download the pdf file, print it out, gather your crayons and enjoy.


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