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Opening Doors to Imagination

K-8 kids were shown images of my 7 Days of Creation print series and set loose with magic markers and a piece of paper for 40 minutes. I think you will agree that their imagination and creativity is amazing.

Simple colors and geometric imagery.

Sawyer is depicting God separating the waters above from the waters below with lightning. I love the way he furthered motion with horizontal lines.

This student went beyond my images and in a

simple pencil sketch to evoke his sense of

relationship of G-d to the Earth.

This day 5 image is full of energy and movement. The water is flowing, fish are jumping and birds are flying high.

This is a mural...

two kids working on the same concept.

This image was a synthesis of several images with a conclusion in bold cursive: it's all about community!

Simple, but beautiful.

Even with only two colors you can create a great image!

A true takeoff of my painting of Day 4 yet unique.

Fluffy clouds and a radiating sun create a happy image.

Now this is controlled chaos! A fantastic line drawing of

“In the Beginning, Day 1“ based on my painting.

The students (K-8 ) created a display with most of the kids' artwork. I say most because many of them wanted to take their drawings home.

Using prompts, such as seeing other artists artwork can help kids to feel confident in their artistry. It’s not copying, it’s opening a door to their imagination.

Pick up a pen and anything to write on and let your imagination express itself.


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