Gematria, Letters as Numbers by Lynn Rae Lowe.  This clock is a homage to Jules Oliski. Creating a clock allowed me to incorporate color with numbers to illustrate that Israeli clocks still use letters for the hours, to this day.  Gematria is the same concept of letters having numerical value. Aleph to Yud represent 1 to 10; Chaf to Tzadi = 20 to 90; Kuf to Tav = 100 to 400. The numbers are figured in the same way Roman numerals are combined, as IV equals 4 or LXX equals 70.


"Color in color is felt at any and every place of the pictorial organization; in its immediacy - its particularity. Color must be felt throughout." ~Jules Olitski (1922-2007)



Gematria, Letters as Numbers

    • 24" diameter, ~3" deep.
    • Aluminum & steel.
    • Ready to hang.
    • Movement takes 3 AA batteries.

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