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A Time for Spiritual Invigoration
The Counting of the Omer begins on the second night of Passover, Sunday, March 28th. The final night is May 16th, with the following day, Shavout, commemorating the giving of the Torah by God to the Children of Israel at Mount Sinai. The seven weeks traditionally interpreted by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, with the 49 days offering a period of spiritual elevation and fulfillment.


I have Counted the Omer and illustrated it on a daily basis for over 10 years. I would like to assist you in your journey of personal introspection as taught for centuries by the Rabbis, by sharing conceptually the Kabbalah through conversation and creative expression. I believe you will find this to be an amazing structure for spiritual invigoration.


I invite you to share these nine Sundays at 7PM MST with me beginning Sunday, March 21st, and continuing every Sunday thereafter through May 16th, we will experience combining the qualities of the seven lower sephirots of the Tree of Life into a personal introspection. We will follow the definitions of Yehudit Goldfarb* for each week:


INTRO (March 21)
introductory session that will include an overview ofthe materials you will need to have on hand for the Counting of the Omer.

CHESED (March 28)
intuitive wisdom, karma, holistic insight, unifying vision, divine intellect

GEVURAH (April 4)
strength and power, setting limits, honoring boundaries, making judgements

TIFERET (April 11
beauty, harmony, compassionate balancing of the limitless and the structured,
surrendering to a larger all encompassing perspective

NIETZACH (April 18)
sense of purpose, endurance, awareness of eternal structures, decision making

HOD (April 25)
splendor, empathy, refining the vision, aesthetics, ritual

YESOD (May 2)
intimacy, communication, connection, bonding, foundation

MALKUTH (May 9th)
being present, centeredness, sense of sovereignty, consciousness of
being breathed, grounded holiness

you are invited to share the ritual of studying the Torah Erev Shavuot


The Counting of the Omer is limited to 25 participants. With your $90 registration fee, you will get a total of 9 weeks of spirtiual invigoration and over a 100 pages of creative insights and opportunities.


As Rabbi Jacobson says, the Counting of the Omer will change your life and empower you to achieve a state of spiritual fulfillment and emotional refinement. I hope you will join me on this mystical journey. Lynn Rae

The Counting of the Omer

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