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Gates of Tsfat - 32 Paths to Wisdom by Lynn Rae Lowe.  The 32 paths of wisdom are related to the word ‘heart’. In Hebrew, the word for heart is Lev – לב . It has the gematria value of 32. The Torah begins with the letter Bet – ב and ends with the letter Lamed – .ל


"The idea of using my own personal Tsfat gate photos to create an image that evoked a journey through the Gates of Wisdom was a collaboration with my grandson Samuel Alexander and a ten-year dream realized."`~Lynn Rae


This print is part of Lynn Rae Lowe's Illuminations: Aleph to Tav exhibit.

Gates of Tsfat - 32 Paths to Wisdom Print

    • 24" x 18"
    • Satin paper
    • Ships rolled up


    Customized fine art available upon request.

    Please contact Lynn Rae for more information.

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